It’s In Your Head

I like to watch and think about my husband when he doesn’t know that I’m doing so. Like right now, he’s smiling at his computer across the room from me while he fiddles with his wedding band. He’s supposed to be doing homework, but nobody normal smiles like that at a computer screen filled with homework. He must be sneaking a peak at facebook. But he’s back to work now, the band back on his finger, a stretch to confirm it’s back-to-work time and he’s got his furrowed-brow-serious-face on.

Do you watch, and think, and love your spouse in this way? Do you praise them in your mind and fall more in love with them just by having them sit across the room from you? I can only imagine how much harder this is once life is hectic and there are kids in the picture. I’m not there yet, so I don’t have to worry about those things quite yet. For now, I will take my time admiring my husband and loving him and praising him more and more in my mind every chance I get.

I wonder how many spouses do this? I am also curious as to how often they do this and the thoughts turn distasteful rather than praising and loving. My guess would be that this happens more often with women, we tend to harbor bitterness, anger, and distrust quickly and intensely before the other person is able to look up from what they are doing.

How quick and nasty our minds are. We are tricked into this so easily. There’s a clear cut path, paved and wide and on it we quickly run through a mess of mean, nasty, complaining, discontented thoughts about life and our relationships. I think now of the people I’ve met, and even the friendships I’ve had where the person complains with the best of them and I’ve fallen into the trap. It’s a culture now, you know. We are a generation, a culture, a society of complainers. The irony in it is that we have NOTHING to complain about.

“First-world problems” are funny jokes to us. And believe me, I’m not dissing on everyone who’s ever complained or who will continue to complain after reading this. I’ll probably be the first one to complain about something as soon as I type the last word on this little letter. And the “first-world problem” jokes are funny. But it’s harboring this lifestyle of discontentedness and complaints that is the problem. Not the jokes. The problem is when there is a conversation that consists of nothing but complaints.


Are you that person?

It’s 4 hours until midnight (at least according to my Texas time on September 9th), I challenge you to praise SOMEONE and SOMETHING in your life IN YOUR MIND, before midnight. Don’t even praise or love the person and the thing out loud. Just make your mind, your thought life do it. Good luck.


2 thoughts on “It’s In Your Head

  1. Kylee, you are wise beyond your years! You and Josh will have such a blessed, joyful marriage if you continue thinking and behaving this way ….regardless of circumstances. You have no idea how blessed I feel to have you in my life!! You are one incredible woman!!!!

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