The Search Begins

The search begins.

Actually, the search began 3 weeks ago. My handsome husband and I have been married for 5 weeks. After all the festivities of the wedding, two receptions, moving across country, my family heading home to Pennsylvania, and settling into a somewhat foreign land as a new wife, we have begun searching for a home church.

My family has moved a number of times in my life and I am well learned in the search-for-a-church practice.

Research, pray, visit, visit, visit, try again.

^^ That’s the formula. ^^

Sometimes, it takes a really, really long time. And it isn’t fun. It might be fun at first, but then you begin to feel homesick. You long to feel included, comfortable, “at-home” in a church building. Sometimes God wants to show you a few things before HE guides you to the right church. And sometimes God wants you to attend a church for awhile, and to show you some things before HE shows you that you’re in the right place. But all of that is God’s business, we don’t understand it so we’ll leave that with HIM.

We have visited 3 churches now. The first two were churches where some of my husband’s family attends. The one was BECAUSE his family goes there. Our brother-in-law (because he’s my brother-in-law now too) is the worship pastor there. It’s a good church and is sure to be a great choice for those in that area, but a bit farther than we desire to travel to church. The second try was another church with family and some dear friends as well. This is a fair option for us due to distance and other reasons. But today we stepped out on a limb. Granted, it was a large limb with no chance of breaking, it barely even counts as a limb, more like just an extension of the trunk. We tried a church where we know not a soul. I say it was and wasn’t a limb because we didn’t know anyone, but it’s not a done deal, and it also wasn’t scary. So maybe I’ve just completely killed my limb/tree analogy, but I think I’ll leave it all typed up and maybe someone will get a kick out of it, maybe just a small kick, a kind of lump-in-the-throat chuckle, but it would still be counted as a kick, right? Just like my limb is still a limb?

Back on track: I am not sure that I have ever been to a church as large as we went to today, and I am sure that it is only one of many in it’s size in the Dallas metroplex. I will tell you what I know about this church:

  1. It is BIG
  2. It is beautiful
  3. I did not know a single song during worship
  4. The pastor did not use notes during his sermon
  5. I would need to purchase a pair of cute and sassy cowboy boots if we become members there

So there you have it. Our search for a church has begun. Our life together has begun. And now I have written you an entire page about the process of finding a church along with a little nonsense thrown in there that, Lord willing, you might have chuckled at. I keep telling myself that I will begin posting things to my blog that may not be life changing but simple truths and goings-on from my life, but I haven’t done it yet because they always seem so trivial and un-important to have floating around on the world wide web for the rest of the world to read, or for whoever it is that might take the time to read a current nobody’s blog. But here we go, I will begin my nonsense-about-nothing posts with this one.

Your Nonsensical Nuisance

Kylee Robinson


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