“In Ministry”

“The call to salvation and the call to ministry are one and the same call.”

One of the five books I am currently reading is called

Live Your Passion

Tell Your Story

Change Your World

Not exactly the shortest title to whip out of your mouth when someone asks what you’re reading. It’s a collection of brain-stopping thoughts worded eloquently into two small page increments of mind-seizing. And it is fantastic! I am only a bit through the first section (the Live Your Passion section) so I still cannot vouch for the book as a whole, but I’m taking a gamble on suggesting it’s a good all-around read.

One of these mind-blowing, two-page sections hosts the quote by Findley Edge that I opened this post with.

Now if we choose to believe what this quote says, then when someone asks me what I want to “do” and I reply with “well, eventually my husband and I want to be in full-time ministry” assuming they know that I am a devoted Christ follower, it’s as if I am answering their question with, “DUH!”

What is ministry? What is part-time or full-time ministry? What do these terms even mean? Are people “in ministry” classified as those who spend 15 hours of their 24 hour days at church, wake up at 5am to pray, and make a very small salary? Why? Why do we think of ministry this way? Is the owner of a well-known hair salon school who knows business and has made a large salary in his life not in full-time ministry? (I know this not-so-hypothetical person I just tossed out there). Would you consider him to be a businessman or a salon owner or in ministry when you hear his story and desire to bring girls and women to his school who need a vocation to get them out of a not-so-great place in life? Where he is sure that 90% of his staff are devout Christians with goals to help the students successfully make it through the school and attain jobs at the end. Is he not in full-time ministry?

What makes a “job” a ministry?

I believe it is a mindset, a choice. Is a job merely a means of providing for a family or is it a place God has you for a reason beyond that one? Don’t we pray to God to provide us with the “right” job in the “right” company with the “right” salary? Is it not God ordained that you are in the position that you are in right now? Do you think He placed you there ONLY to provide for your family?

What if we viewed our job as a place to be a light for Him? What if we went to work every day with our eyes open, looking for an opportunity to share God’s love with someone that we work with? What if we went to work to change lives, no matter what your work is?

There are some jobs where, I’m sure, people could argue with some of my statements above, like jobs where you are already surrounded by Christians (maybe a position in a church). Can you not still practice sharing God’s love and light with them? What about a position where you spend your time working in solitude? What an awesome opportunity to spend your work days solely with God! Stay-at-home moms; that is, I believe, one of the greatest opportunities to instill God’s love into the next generation.

Are we not all in “full-time-ministry”? Isn’t being “in ministry” the way we should live our whole lives, not just look to pastors and missionaries and Sunday mornings to be involved in it? What if we viewed our vocation as the very platform that God has given each of us for making an impact for Him in the world in which He has placed us?

I know that viewing my work days like this makes each day more exciting, challenging, and rewarding. What could it do for you?


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