Small & Mighty

This week in my online astronomy course I read a chapter on the stars. One thing I found particularly interesting was the H-R diagram. As I posted in the “discussion board”, being my type-A first-child self my heart gets ridiculously excited over charts, graphs, spreadsheets, lists and diagrams.

Here is what an H-R diagram of the stars looks like:


Now here’s the thing that stood out to me and made me go “hmmmm” about this specific diagram: See those supergiants, giants and the main stream of stars? Well first off, in case you didn’t know, our very own sun is in that “main sequence,” it’s just an average sized star. And another thing you may not have known, those little tiny, itty, bitty, stars called “white dwarf” stars, those ones are the hottest of all the stars.

This made me think of my brother & Bruce Lee. My youngest brother is currently 13 years old. He was born premature and has been a fighter since birth. But he has also been very small since birth. Most people guess he’s about 10 years old, which is a bit of a smite on his young manhood. In the past year he has made Bruce Lee his idol. Why? Not just because Bruce Lee was a beast and because my brother watched all his youtube videos to learn how to properly swing nun-chucks. But because my brother shares something with Bruce Lee, his size, he idolizes Bruce Lee because, he too, is small. This gives my brother a sense of hope, as we all feel when we have an idol, a hero. My little brother aspires to be mighty, to be a beast, just like Bruce Lee was, despite size.

I find it fascinating that our Lord made these inaccurately named stars (dwarf stars) the smallest and yet the mightiest in the universe. Not those big bad red supergiant stars, but the teeny, tiny, blue and white “dwarf” stars. They’re the hottest and the toughest.

And then, isn’t it cool how He was all like “here watch this” and made His very own Son born to a humble virgin and an obedient carpenter; sent Him to earth as a tiny baby with small beginnings that would lead to THE GREATEST OF ALL endings?

Small & mighty.

Amazing how God can show us through the stars in the sky, or through His Son’s birth, or through my brother’s size, how no matter what our size, no matter how small and insignificant we may think we are, those are the ones God made to be mighty, to be the tough guys on earth.


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