Marketing Christ


Movies play a large role in our society. Mainly in the form of entertainment. What is it about this form of entertainment that draws us to a dark room with less-than-comfortable seating, with sticky floors, and overpriced popcorn? Is it the fact that we can sit and be entertained without having to exert any energy or brain power into the entertainment? Could it be that we prefer this form of entertainment with friends because it means we don’t have to put the effort into conversation? Or maybe we really are that interested in movies. If that is the case then why are we interested in them? At the moment I am having a real admiration for those that have a passion for videography, set design, make-up artistry, stunts, music, and acting. The people with these interests analyze movies when they watch them. Sometimes these people bore someone like me when they relate all their analyzations to the group after the movie. The group is found bored by this because they don’t share that person’s passion.

Tonight I watched What Women Want. A movie that was made 12 years ago about chauvinistic executive that, after an accident, “gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking.” While watching it I was texting my husband who was at work, about how interesting it was that the movie was taking on a whole different meaning to me this time. This was my third time to watch this movie and this go round I felt that I understood it better than ever before.

One of my two online classes this semester is a marketing class. A very basic “Introduction to Marketing” but I realized tonight just how much I have already learned in the short course. The executive in What Women Want (Mel Gibson) is desperately trying to think like a woman in order to properly market a product to a woman. As I watched this sub-plot in the movie I understood the hard work it was to accomplish such a task.

Realizing this I began to apply it to my own view of what I’m supposed to be doing in this season in my life. My desire as a personal trainer is to help women get into the shape they want to be. To help them feel wonderful about their bodies, and to know that they are working hard towards their goals. As a Premier Designs jeweler I have the same goals, tweaked a tad, but still the same. My job as a jeweler is to help women feel wonderful about themselves. To take them to a place where they can achieve goals, have a good time, and not worry about everything for a short while (and in some cases, a long while).

I’m not in the marketing industry. But then again, aren’t we all in the marketing industry? Marketing isn’t advertising. It isn’t just selling a product. It’s helping people understand what they want. Putting a person’s desire into words or pictures that they couldn’t have come up with on their own.

Starting in jr. high I realized that I did this for my friends. Girls are terrible at explaining things. We go around and around in circles to try to get the right words out and then at the end we say something like, “know what I mean?” And a lot of times we’ll say “oh yeah” but we still don’t get what she was saying. My girlfriends would try to describe how they felt about a situation (or about a boy) and often times I would cut them off and say what they felt in one sentence (that may be because I’m good at wording things or it very well be because I was just impatient and an overly efficient person and wanted to cut out the unnecessary chit-chat, you can make that call). But isn’t that what marketing is?

Marketing is re-wording something to make it beautiful and simple and efficient and a light bulb goes off in the customer’s mind and they think, “that’s exactly what I meant” or “that’s exactly what I’ve been needing/wanting.”

Think about your business or your job for a minute. How are you marketing things to those that you work with? My job involves a lot of marketing (if you go by the definition of marketing that I’ve just explained), your’s may or may not. But if you’re a Believer, then your LIFE involves marketing EVERYDAY. Every single person needs hope and rescuing. Everyone needs someone to turn to, someone who loves them and who they can love. Isn’t that what Christ is?

As a Christian, Jesus permeates my whole life. Whether I have a fear, a worry, a moment of excitement or joy or am thankful for something. Christ is the center of it all. He gets called on for everyone of those things. I cannot imagine not having Him there to call on in trial, pain and joy and thankfulness. Doesn’t everyone need Him for those things? For someone to call on, for a companion that will never leave them, to rescue them?

Is that how we’re marketing Christ in our lives every single day? Does Christianity look more like a sales pitch or job opening that comes with rules and bosses than simply an offering of what a person NEEDS?

I’m re-wording and re-wiring my way of approaching this. I want to market Christ to every need or want that a person has. I’m not selling Him, I’m just re-wording their need or want with an offering of what the answer is to that need or want.


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