Let’s get Lean Legs

Let’s get Lean Legs

As stated in the “What Is This?” tab of this blog, fitness is a large part of my life. Well here is my first blog to show you a little tiny bit of that side of me.

In June this year I became a certified personal trainer and began pursuing my goals of helping women get to where they want to be fitness-wise. While having a wedding to finish planning and a marriage to start in August, my pursuit to help women was slightly detained. Now that I’m in Dallas I am a full-time personal trainer at large gym and ready to help some people out!

During my time spent training and learning from the other trainers at the gym I’ve picked up on a few things that you might want to know:

1. Everyone has a fitness/health goal

2. While exercise is EXTREMELY important, your body will not respond properly if you do not eat wisely in addition to the exercise

3. Eat before AND after you workout

4. Everyone needs encouragement and accountability

Look those over and see how you can improve those areas in your fitness goals/routines. What is YOUR goal? How are you eating this week? Who is offering you the encouragement and accountability you need to achieve your goals?

The link attached is the leg workout I did this evening. I went ahead and tried the “advanced” tabata sequence of 8 sets. It takes 20minutes to do the 8 sets with no additional resting to the in-between 10second intervals. Watch the video, the gal is sweet and great at explaining each move. Also, I don’t have a fancy tabata timer like her’s, I set my ipod on a stool in front of me and kept a close eye on it throughout the whole workout.

Let me know what you think!!


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