Be Offended

First off, I would like to note how annoyingly frustrating it is that I cannot seem to get through 3 pages of any well written prose without being inspired to write, what seems to be, a very important blog post that cannot wait until I finish the paragraph I was just reading. My mind will allow me to continue reading the paragraph but it has completely shut off its comprehension department and turned all the levers to “on” in the “write-this-NOW” department. So here I am.

The funny thing about this post is that what I was reading (the first chapter of Warrior by Ed Rush merely directed my thoughts to different events of the day that led me to write this post. Earlier today, I read the post of a fashion blog that I follow ( concerning camouflage patterned clothing. Yesterday this blogger posted an outfit that included camo skinny jeans that she had finally found (after a grueling search for the right price) and was very excited about. Her outfit was very cute. Today in her post she apologized to any military personnel who may have been offended by her outfit. Apparently, someone informed her that there are those in the military who find it very offensive when people wear camouflage as a fashion piece. The poor girl apologized and also asked for other’s input on this new notion. Being a Marine’s daughter and understanding homeland pride, military and all the like, I had never heard of this type of offense before. Upon contacting my dad he said he had heard of it but that, as I had concluded myself, it was ridiculous.

This discussion with my Dad prompted me to think about offense. When did we become so scared of offending people? Did it begin when some of our Christian freedoms began to be taken away? Or when the notion of right and wrong, black and white began to all become gray and fuzzy? I’d be willing to do some research and discover the answer to when all this nonsense began, but since you’re here and reading this…do you have the answer?

Here are some things that I say that offend people:

I hate Twilight

I’ll be praying for you/that

I disagree

And the seasonal favorite – Merry Christmas

Pray tell!! When did a disagreement in opinions become offensive?? The thing that baffles me the most in all of this pertains to the people that I admire in life.

First: my Dad – my Dad’s way of truly not caring what others think about him inspires me on a regular basis. He doesn’t trip over his words, and he doesn’t worry about what to say or how to say it or what they were thinking when he said it. (this all applies, of course, to simple everyday tasks, not things like job interviews etc…)

Second: the older generation – I love it when I can be around older people who say whatever they want to say. One time I thought to myself, “when I’m her age I’m totally going to spit out all my opinions like that” and then I thought, “wait, why can’t I do that now?” Well because if I did that now then I would “offend” people. When you’re old and appear to be somewhat senile (whether they actually are or not…most are not) THAT’S when you can get away with saying whatever you want.

But if these are the kind of people I respect and admire, why can’t I strive to be like them now?

DISCLAIMER (because every single one of my blog posts must have one…for fear of “offending” or confusing someone) : I’m not saying to be rude or obnoxious, just simply expressing one’s opinions freely without having to add earmarks.

So here is me expressing my opinion whole-heartedly on my blog. Be offended. And I challenge you to speak with conviction, know what you think and don’t apologize for it.

Still hate Twilight

NOT a fan of Obama

Food stamps should be harder to get

Most public schools are a joke

I have black & mexican friends and I’m proud of it (and so are they)

I’ll be praying for you this week

Merry Christmas!!

Watch this:


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