For Your Entertainment

As we finished our workout today at a nearby park, I expressed to my husband a recent frustration with personal training. Or a few…actually.

  1. When you’re at the bottom, people just want to be entertained.

A few nights ago my mom sent me a link to an article about personal trainers. One personal trainer (who has a degree in kinesiology) charges $175 for an hour training session with her. That is outrageous! Yet impressive. If you were to look up any of the “top” trainers in the U.S. they will all tell you the same thing about the ways you train. They will say “lunges, squats, push-ups, planks” hoorah! Every. Single. One. Of. Them. And the crazy part is, they get away with it! They charge people large sums of money to tell them the very basics about working out to see results. Sticking with the basics, great motto, but what about us who are (currently…temporarily) making peanuts at the bottom of the totem pole? Well when you work in a gym you are more of a counselor/entertainer than a personal trainer. We all find ourselves with clients who really just need someone to talk to for 25 minutes out of their day. Clients who don’t want to sweat, who don’t want to work hard, and who do not want to be sore.


What am I supposed to do with YOU!?!?!

Answer: entertain or listen for 25minutes. Don’t you dare consider booking a 55 minute session.

So we bottom-dweller-worker-bee types do our homework! We research and scour the internet, used book stores and libraries to find new and exciting and innovative ways to give our clients workouts that will engage any audience we encounter at a day at the gym. And what to our wondering eyes does appear? Lunges! Squats! Push-ups! Planks!

Gee thanks Mr. Expert with the B.A.

Point: If you want a solid workout then there is really no reason to go scouring the world over for crazy and new-fangled exercise movements. The basics will give you the results you want. If you train at a gym where your trainer is getting paid peanuts, remember your goals and quit seeking entertainment from your trainer. And if you like coming up with new-fangled workout moves, go for it, no shame there, but don’t exclude the basics either.

Bonus: Here is one of my favorite legs/butt workouts

50 Squats

30 Walking Lunges

20 Jump Squats

30 Side Lunges

50 Bridges


Good luck!!

P.S. Spent all my peanuts on Christmas and need some more, so come see me and I’ll treat you to the latest greatest exercises in the fitness world (Lunges! Squats! Push-ups! Planks!)


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