Introducing my Dad

This is my Daddy.Image

And this is how smart he is:

“Very good. Why do we put such an emphasis on time anyway? I guess we are so aware of our mortality. Or we have just been so conditioned that “the sooner the better” etc. But what can we do in the future or the past? Does it even exist? Do we have any time but the moment? Not really. But, of course we have to set our goals by the future. I think the problem is in finishing. All the emphasis is on reaching the goal, finishing. That is when people (the world) looks at your accomplishment and says, “ooh, aah, look what you have done.” But what was really the most important part of your goal, that finite end point? Or all that you gained by the journey to get there? Every “now” moment that taught you one more thing you need to know to “get there.” So we look to the past to see what we learned during the process. And we look to the future as the “where we are going or where we want (or think we want) to be. But all the work and all the learning (all the fun) is occurring right “now”. Worrying about the past or the future seems pretty silly when “now” is all that matters, huh? Wish I could remind myself of that on a moment by moment basis.

As far as getting motivated or discouraged by where someone else is on their journey or goal track, why even consider it? You are on a different journey. You may be in the same business, but where you are going vs where they are going doesn’t really matter because even if you end up in the same place, it’s not likely to be at the same time and it won’t be via the same road. No two are alike…by design. You might only look at their journey and occasionally use it as a guide as to what to do or not do when you reach a similar situation they may have come upon (history).

Blaze your own trail. Move mountains if you must! You can!

By faith you can say to this mountain, “move from here to there” and it will move and nothing will be impossible to you.”

Whenever I post a blog I run it by my Dad first for any grammatical errors that I may have missed. This was his response to my last post. I wanted to share it with you not only to show how wise my Dad is but in hopes that whoever my last post didn’t quite reach, his might.

Tell me something you’re proud of your Dad for.


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