The Thing About Blogs…

The thing about blogs is….it’s your’s! Which means, I have control, and I like having control of things (ahem, first-child-type-A syndrome). And having control means that I can do what I want with it. It means that I can rant & rave, or I can give recognition to someone I love and/or admire, I can share something that I’ve recently learned or read about, I can give advice, I can ask questions, I can post videos and pictures or blogs full of nothing worth reading (I try to avoid those though). And another great thing is that I can choose how long the blog is going to be! It doesn’t HAVE to be 5 pages or 2 sentences. This one falls somewhere in the middle.

Today I’m posting about fitness. I want to share a tricep/forearm exercise that I’ve been doing myself and with my clients (I’m part personal trainer). This particular move is one of many that I call “stupid exercises.” Stupid exercises are those ones that look, well, stupid. They look easy, simple, like “I could do 100 of those and not feel a thing.” But then they’re NOT like that at all. They shock you by humbling you after the first ten reps. Anyhow, check this out, try it out and I’d love to hear about your favorite tricep/forearm exercises!Image

Find detailed directions here: