Bad Blogger

I’m a bad blogger. Clearly. Take a look at the dates of all my few blog posts and you’ll say, “yep, she’s right.” Good bloggers actually post on their blogs, like, regularly. My issue, is that, often times I feel that I need to have something wonderful, something outstanding, something that’ll make you fall off your chair kind of awesome, to write about or else it isn’t worthy of being posted on my blog.

This morning I read a blog post from another blogger (who is, in fact, a “good blogger”) that I follow about the flips & flops of pinterest. If you’re familiar with pinterest then you are also familiar with the successes and failures of pinterest. Whether your failure is to never actually re-visit anything you post or it’s a complete failure of a project you thought would turn out wonderfully. Most pinterest-ers are aware of these habits of their fellow pinners. So this blogger shared that she and some other bloggers are going to begin posting at least one pinterest project each month, and they’ll post the good, bad and ugly of the project, whether the project is a success or a failure that was drug through the mud.

This sparked a thought in my mind about possibly joining them on this quest. I’m a pinterest-er who does, quite often, re-visit the things I pin. Specifically when it comes to recipes and workouts (but I’m a personal trainer so these are things necessary for my job). But as I pondered this and considered these other blogging women posting their successes and failures in craft projects or recipes, I thought more about the things that I post on my blog. As I said before, I also feel that I must post something thought-provoking, something God has been teaching me lately, on my blog or else it isn’t worthy of the internet. But what if I’m depriving my few readers of feeling inspired or encouraged by NOT posting anything concerning my everyday life or the places where I’m struggling in? What if, my struggle is an encouragement to someone else who is dealing with the same thing. Or what if a goal that I didn’t reach last month but am striving for again this month inspires someone else to reach higher, or farther than they did last time? By not sharing these things, I am being selfish. Keeping all those small failures to myself causes me to be the only one that God teaches through those failures rather than sharing them with others for Him to also teach them something through MY slip-ups.

There is my thought-provoking thought of the day.