This is my refrigerator.


At first, I took a picture of this to just show you two things that are on the refrigerator. Specifically, the two pieces of paper to the left. But before I highlight those things it occurred to me that our refrigerator tells a story in and of itself. A magnet from our trip to New Orleans in May, a note about some money that is supposed to return to our bank account, coupons for bowling, a plethora of notepads (to ensure that you are aware of my freakish type-A personality), to-do lists, a flyer for a restaurant we want to try, our weekly menu, and some daily goals we wish to achieve. Now that you can see the little story of our refrigerator, let me get back to what I was saying.


These two pages we found this week through other people’s facebook posts. We liked them, agreed with them, and dubbed them important pieces to have on our refrigerator as a daily reminder to what we are trying to do. We are trying to be wealthy, successful, and rich in many ways. We wish to be wealthy and rich by way of, not only our finances, but in knowledge, and in good habits. And successful in a marriage others can look up to or learn from, a family that blesses others, and the best of friends. We have not yet achieved everything on these lists but they are our daily reminders of what we are trying to do and where we are going. Little tips to remind us of what is truly important to us beyond the stresses of today.

While this is not necessarily a victory or a failure (as I said I would begin posting in my last note to you) it IS a piece of our lives that I am proud of and excited to share with you.

What does your refrigerator say about you & your family?


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