1 Week on 1 Page

1 Week 1 Page

Click the link above.

Finding new workouts on pinterest is an unspoken hobby of mine. I don’t often go seeking out the workouts, but when they show up on my general feed I’m always interested. If it looks like a decent workout, suitable to me and my beliefs about working out, then I pin it and give it a try next time my brain needs to be told what to do for a workout because the creativity just isn’t flowing. Two weeks ago I gave this workout a try. Now, don’t begin assuming things about me by noticing that this is a link to cosmo. I’m not a fan or an avid reader, like I said, this just came up on pinterest one day and I gave it a try.

The pros about this workout: the whole week is listed on 1 page / there are pictures with the exercise names / times and reps are specified / the chick posing for the pics is like…a real life girl of real proportions actually doing a real workout.

Cons: you will not be the “tightened and toned” version of yourself you envision in your mind after 1 week of this workout / don’t be anxious to try on your little black dress after just one week / it’s on the cosmopolitan website.

Give it a go yourself and let me know what you think! If you can’t fit in 2 workouts in one day (as is recommended for days 5 & 6) just spread it out even more and make the link last you 9 days. OR, do both the workouts when you choose to workout, just one right after the other.

Grab some tunes and the those weights and go get sweaty!


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