From Steve Chandler

Periodically my Dad will forward me e-mails he receives from Steve Chandler’s newsletter. I am not familiar with everything this man stands for and from my understanding he is not a professing Christian. But there is so much to be learned from the deep thinkers of our world, Christian or otherwise. Have you ever watched movies or read books and seen the Christian theme despite the lack of “Christian” actors, directors, script, or title? My Dad has made it a habit to recognize these things and point them out to us kids as we grew up. While many people do not accept Jesus as their Savior, some may simply be ignorant while others refuse, everything ultimately turns back to Christ, His morals, lessons, and Truth.

With that being said, I would like to share with you one of Steve Chandler’s excerpts now:


So what are you thinking that makes you so afraid?

“Well, I’m thinking I could go out of business…”

Well, OK, you could go out of business. Are you thinking you are likely to go out of business?

“Let me look at that. Probably not likely.”

All right, it’s good to identify that you’re not likely to go out of business, that’s different than I will go out of business.  We’re starting to dismantle this thing.  We’re starting to undo it.

Now what if you did go out of business? Could you handle it?  What would your life be like?  Would your life be ruined forever?

Is there a chance you could re-build in another professional format that would be even stronger? Let’s always make friends with the worst case scenario so that it doesn’t bother you anymore… that it doesn’t slow you down and keep the brakes on all day.

Because if you are really honest with the thought that is causing the fear, and you really stay with it, and look at all the different variations and permutations, that very thought loses its power. Because it loses its truth. And you soon see it’s just a thought. And thoughts have no reality.

Once you see that, you are free to go out and create the reality you want.

Steve Chandler


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