1 Week on 1 Page

1 Week 1 Page

Click the link above.

Finding new workouts on pinterest is an unspoken hobby of mine. I don’t often go seeking out the workouts, but when they show up on my general feed I’m always interested. If it looks like a decent workout, suitable to me and my beliefs about working out, then I pin it and give it a try next time my brain needs to be told what to do for a workout because the creativity just isn’t flowing. Two weeks ago I gave this workout a try. Now, don’t begin assuming things about me by noticing that this is a link to cosmo. I’m not a fan or an avid reader, like I said, this just came up on pinterest one day and I gave it a try.

The pros about this workout: the whole week is listed on 1 page / there are pictures with the exercise names / times and reps are specified / the chick posing for the pics is like…a real life girl of real proportions actually doing a real workout.

Cons: you will not be the “tightened and toned” version of yourself you envision in your mind after 1 week of this workout / don’t be anxious to try on your little black dress after just one week / it’s on the cosmopolitan website.

Give it a go yourself and let me know what you think! If you can’t fit in 2 workouts in one day (as is recommended for days 5 & 6) just spread it out even more and make the link last you 9 days. OR, do both the workouts when you choose to workout, just one right after the other.

Grab some tunes and the those weights and go get sweaty!


The Thing About Blogs…

The thing about blogs is….it’s your’s! Which means, I have control, and I like having control of things (ahem, first-child-type-A syndrome). And having control means that I can do what I want with it. It means that I can rant & rave, or I can give recognition to someone I love and/or admire, I can share something that I’ve recently learned or read about, I can give advice, I can ask questions, I can post videos and pictures or blogs full of nothing worth reading (I try to avoid those though). And another great thing is that I can choose how long the blog is going to be! It doesn’t HAVE to be 5 pages or 2 sentences. This one falls somewhere in the middle.

Today I’m posting about fitness. I want to share a tricep/forearm exercise that I’ve been doing myself and with my clients (I’m part personal trainer). This particular move is one of many that I call “stupid exercises.” Stupid exercises are those ones that look, well, stupid. They look easy, simple, like “I could do 100 of those and not feel a thing.” But then they’re NOT like that at all. They shock you by humbling you after the first ten reps. Anyhow, check this out, try it out and I’d love to hear about your favorite tricep/forearm exercises!Image

Find detailed directions here: http://pinterest.com/pin/209910032604478276/

For Your Entertainment

As we finished our workout today at a nearby park, I expressed to my husband a recent frustration with personal training. Or a few…actually.

  1. When you’re at the bottom, people just want to be entertained.

A few nights ago my mom sent me a link to an article about personal trainers. One personal trainer (who has a degree in kinesiology) charges $175 for an hour training session with her. That is outrageous! Yet impressive. If you were to look up any of the “top” trainers in the U.S. they will all tell you the same thing about the ways you train. They will say “lunges, squats, push-ups, planks” hoorah! Every. Single. One. Of. Them. And the crazy part is, they get away with it! They charge people large sums of money to tell them the very basics about working out to see results. Sticking with the basics, great motto, but what about us who are (currently…temporarily) making peanuts at the bottom of the totem pole? Well when you work in a gym you are more of a counselor/entertainer than a personal trainer. We all find ourselves with clients who really just need someone to talk to for 25 minutes out of their day. Clients who don’t want to sweat, who don’t want to work hard, and who do not want to be sore.


What am I supposed to do with YOU!?!?!

Answer: entertain or listen for 25minutes. Don’t you dare consider booking a 55 minute session.

So we bottom-dweller-worker-bee types do our homework! We research and scour the internet, used book stores and libraries to find new and exciting and innovative ways to give our clients workouts that will engage any audience we encounter at a day at the gym. And what to our wondering eyes does appear? Lunges! Squats! Push-ups! Planks!

Gee thanks Mr. Expert with the B.A.

Point: If you want a solid workout then there is really no reason to go scouring the world over for crazy and new-fangled exercise movements. The basics will give you the results you want. If you train at a gym where your trainer is getting paid peanuts, remember your goals and quit seeking entertainment from your trainer. And if you like coming up with new-fangled workout moves, go for it, no shame there, but don’t exclude the basics either.

Bonus: Here is one of my favorite legs/butt workouts

50 Squats

30 Walking Lunges

20 Jump Squats

30 Side Lunges

50 Bridges


Good luck!!

P.S. Spent all my peanuts on Christmas and need some more, so come see me and I’ll treat you to the latest greatest exercises in the fitness world (Lunges! Squats! Push-ups! Planks!)

Let’s get Lean Legs

Let’s get Lean Legs

As stated in the “What Is This?” tab of this blog, fitness is a large part of my life. Well here is my first blog to show you a little tiny bit of that side of me.

In June this year I became a certified personal trainer and began pursuing my goals of helping women get to where they want to be fitness-wise. While having a wedding to finish planning and a marriage to start in August, my pursuit to help women was slightly detained. Now that I’m in Dallas I am a full-time personal trainer at large gym and ready to help some people out!

During my time spent training and learning from the other trainers at the gym I’ve picked up on a few things that you might want to know:

1. Everyone has a fitness/health goal

2. While exercise is EXTREMELY important, your body will not respond properly if you do not eat wisely in addition to the exercise

3. Eat before AND after you workout

4. Everyone needs encouragement and accountability

Look those over and see how you can improve those areas in your fitness goals/routines. What is YOUR goal? How are you eating this week? Who is offering you the encouragement and accountability you need to achieve your goals?

The link attached is the leg workout I did this evening. I went ahead and tried the “advanced” tabata sequence of 8 sets. It takes 20minutes to do the 8 sets with no additional resting to the in-between 10second intervals. Watch the video, the gal is sweet and great at explaining each move. Also, I don’t have a fancy tabata timer like her’s, I set my ipod on a stool in front of me and kept a close eye on it throughout the whole workout.

Let me know what you think!!